ECS 210 Week 1: “Common Sense”

Kumashiro speaks on education and schooling using common sense as a topic, he defines this common sense in schooling as an expectation and education on what schools should be doing. We hide behind these ideas of common sense because they are easy to stand behind and just go with the flow, but Kumashiro argues that this common sense needs to be challenged. Common sense needs to be challenged because the ideas and outlines created by common sense in schooling are old and have never been challenged. Now in 2018 with a very fast changing society these outlines common sense has created have found to be connected with the oppression of many different groupings. The schools cannot be an area of oppression and due to the common sense thinking, we do not get a full understanding of society. Kumashiro made a fantastic point in regards to the common sense way of schooling in the USA, she said that when she went to go teach in Nepal she was sent to teach the kids and teachers the “right” way to teach. This is an issue because we find ourselves getting so caught up in what the “normal” thing to do, we forgot that there is many different ways and ideologies around the world. This way of thinking creates problems because it makes people view the world and life with blinders on. The importance of paying attention to common sense is key to change in all aspects of living not just education. The idea of going against the flow of things needs to happen to bring up new discussions and topics to change the normalized outline of things. We need to get away from this common sense thinking and start asking questions like “why” and “how” and challenge the set ideas of common sense.


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