ECS 210 Week #5

Pre Reading: For me, I always believed the curriculum was designed and created for teachers by teachers. A document that outlines and tells teachers certain outcomes that must be obtained by the students at the end of the learning semester. The curriculum is constantly changing and being designed to fit the current times the best. The curriculum should be the guide for the teacher and educators should build off the curriculum outcomes and reach students of different levels of learning.

After Reading: Post-reading the articles, I now realize the curriculum is not what I thought. Very rarely is it truly designed by teachers, it is heavily overlooked by government and higher powers to be changed and manipulated. This idea of teachers not being responsible for the design of curriculum scares me. Teachers who have had field experience know what it is like in a classroom and know what is achievable in that environment. You cannot have people who do not know what it is like in the classroom handling curriculum design because they do not understand what is achievable in the setting. Therefore, due to the voice of teachers, we are constantly given a renewed curriculum with new outcomes and indicators that some of the time are near impossible to achieve in a singular semester.


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